Saturday, October 23, 2010

The dynamics of writing

In the thick of writing the so-called masterpiece, things happen. Small things to the observer, but they could be huge issues for the writer. Issues accorded a shallow burial. Or maybe they're just issues that remain on the surface while the writer pretends that they're invisible. The hide-and-seek game doesn't work. Sooner than later, the writer must confront them. And accept that the real world he lives in is a tad more real than the world of his novel.
What does the writer then do? He has no answers. The varied tools he has at his disposal - language, vocabulary, plot, situations, nuances of situations, the ethereal consciousness of his characters.... all these are incapable of helping him tackle the reality of his life. So what does he do? Maybe he drowns in his own sorrow. Or maybe, just maybe, he hopes that his favourite songs and tipples pull him out of his real-world situations. Heck, they might even offer him the breathing space that's required between the appearance of the problem and the solution.
Just a thought.


  1. Energy follows thought, thats why think positive :) Universe conspires to bring in positivity!

  2. I am revisiting this thought, and now I feel its a Dynamic thought..this is so true not only for a writer, to anyone who follows their heart! The thought of the "breathing space" between the problem and the solution is heart warming and so very positive...because that is the most suffocating area and one can connect to this thought only if a person has been there and is conscious about that...and after being out of the situation understandably it would be relief yes as you say is only Relief....this I understood after reading the the article "the first big break" :)..that sure is a Dynamic thought..thanks for the same..

  3. I don't have a count of how many times I have revisited this piece of writing, unconsciously and consciously....I think deeper are the dynamics of these thoughts behind such dynamic writings...puts one at the centre of reality stage immediately...

    1. I'm revisiting this piece, thanks to your comment, Sowmya. I no longer remember what particular issue I was addressing back then, but I want to understand these words and their impact on you.

  4. Eshwar,here is what I figured out what makes me read your writings in this blog...there is a unknown realm and dynamics to your writing...helping me distill knowledge into wisdom to seep into myself hence I am able to grow. Not only the above said words but innumerable topics in this blog! Thankyou