Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our new office!

Yet again, I had to give up my owlish ways last evening and (try to) sleep early so that I could awake at 330 am. Amazingly, I managed to do that, took a bath and left to participate in a pooja.
The single digit chill of pre-dawn Bangalore cut through my bare hands as they held on to my bike's handle. The saving grace - traffic was as light as could be in Bangalore. I knew that on my return journey, I'd have to cleave through vehicles headed for the Aero Show. But for now, I could rip through to downtown. Even Chinnaswamy Stadium wore a deserted look; if I didn't know any better, I'd have sworn that India will not play Australia here in a warm-up match later in the day.
I was trembling from the cold by the time I reached my downtown destination: the new office of Scalers & Victors Innovations Pvt Ltd. We're moving from our Andree Road office to a much more spacious office on Langford Road, which is situated right opposite the hockey stadium. This was Ten Sports' office till the other day, and telltale signs remained. Like a large cut-out of Sachin Tendulkar which all of us posed with, once we finished the pooja.
We're shifting for the best reason possible - we outgrew the old office. And if things go according to plan, we'd be looking for an even bigger office a few months down the line. That office, too, must be in downtown Bangalore. Because, right now, we're too small a company to impose geographical constraints on our employees. We want to be situated in the heart of the city so as to attract talent from all its nooks and crannies. Location, a 5-day-week (a rarity amongst the city's start-ups), an opportunity to learn and a competitive pay structure are our key differentiators.
By the way, we opened a new office in the Emirates last month. My business partner Prashanth has slogged to get us to this point (with some amount of support from me and others). And all of us involved are smiling at the moment. Our faces are pointed towards the future.
How has your Sunday been so far?


  1. Sounds good, Esh!!
    My Sunday seems to be another one of those nice and quiet ones.
    Will make some chai now and settle down to do some house-work like a good home-boi thambi.

  2. And my Sunday is being spent thinking what to do next. So the next thing I do is congratulate you on your new office and wish you all the best for the next bigger thing.

  3. Pat, it's a pity they stopped making home-boi thambis! A major source of concern for borderline OCD cases like me :)
    Painting et al ho gaya?

    Chetan, thanks, mate. Will 2011 see us meeting again?

  4. hey eshwar congratulations man - a bigger office and an office in the emirates... good going. where is the book i pre-read.

  5. Thanks, Mohan. Hope you've settled in KL. The pre-read book... the jury is still out on that.

  6. Congratulations.Growth-triggered shift is always a happy event.May the change bring about positive outcomes.

  7. Good. Great to know. All the best Eshwar. Its great to build something and see it grow, isnt it? Sujay