Friday, March 9, 2012

Fare thee well, the gentleman

Wrap Chinnaswamy stadium in a black armband. Inform the four winds that a great game came to a standstill today, albeit for a moment. Freeze those glorious statistics and post them on eternity's slate. Stand up and applaud till your palms bleed.
For a devoted son of cricket is taking his final bow.

A hundred years from now, when young cricketers study the career of Rahul Dravid - as they will - they'll ask each other:
'Did he really carry his bat into the twenty-first century? He seems so... gentlemanly.'
Hopefully somebody will remind them that true greatness is timeless.


  1. He has done great credit to Indian cricket. As a player and as a captain for some years his conduct on the field has been without any blemish, his interaction with the media very cultured, his communication skill has been of high order. If bravado, brashness and over- confidence were the hall marks of a captain or a suceessful player , Dravid may not be in the reckoning. Luckily these are not the yardsticks. Rarely we we come across a player like him with such natural dignity,silent but effective exhibition of his skill and a role model for all youngsters.

    It is in a way good that he is gracefully exiting on his own. It is always good to go when you can and not when you must. He is not young any more but still has a few years of cricket. He can be useful for the BCCI and youngsters with his rich experience and knowlege . The Indian cricket has gained much from him. Let us wish him well.

  2. Surely true greatness is timeless.....good writeups are priceless,just like RCGE :)