Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A paean to curd rice

I am an Indian from the south
And when I want a treat for my mouth
I bring together curd and rice
A dish simple, elegant and nice

The rice could be fluffy and hot
Or refrigerated, lumpy and taut
The curd might make my teeth chatter
Or be creamy like the moon's lather

The two ingredients do not matter
The resultant dish I will not barter
You might see a beauty and a beast
All I experience is an irresistible feast

So whether I've finished a seven-course meal
Or it's a deep pang of hunger I feel
I reach out for rice and curd
In comparison, anything else is turd!


  1. Awesome... Just what i feel about curd rice... the best food in the world
    by the way nice rhymin :)

  2. So it is :) Infact, Lalit from 'Behind the Silicon Mask' lost favor with me due to his anti-curd rice sentiments :D

    What does he know, the ignorant chap? Tch tch tch :)

  3. Indeed! Besides, the guy fights a losing battle in trying to understand alien lyrics instead of enjoying the magical music of Rahman! I think he was just too nervous to realize what he was doing or saying :).