Friday, January 18, 2013

That first big break


As most of you know, it took ten years for me to find a mainstream publisher for my debut novel. It's been a challenging decade. I've tried to describe it in brief on this blog post for AuthorTV. Please do take the time to read.

AuthorTV also interviewed me on the sidelines of the Bangalore Literature Festival. The interview is finally online. You can find it here.

Please forgive the ugly mug on the screen. But do let me know if that ugly mug made sense.



  1. Nice interview,I really like the concept of the characters rebelling against the author that makes so much sense.. and Novella..I did not notice the mug! but the Sardarji, in a convertible looked interesting.... there is no solitude for an author...and one more positive observation that is not literature, so I choose not mention it here...
    I have saved the first big break article for later as of now....:) and my book list has lengthened..

  2. That first big break-nothing to sya..dyslexia.....
    What I like is that after all the that,you are left with energy and interest to write this intense possibly equally draining article!..That is something very rarely found..that is the one which is going to give you an edge over anything..I mean anything and everything in life for you.......I lvoe this article....dyslexic I need beer? may be I keep with Moses-hebrews it......

    Listen to everybody, but do what makes sense to you..... :)

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