Thursday, September 5, 2013

A small thought

Sometimes, a thought hits me like a massive meteor strike. I have to wait for the explosion to abate to find out if it has created fertile soil.
Right now, a thought has struck me. And I have decided to report it while it is red hot, without waiting for it to be forensically analyzed. Here it is:

Failure might often be undeserved, but success is always well-deserved.

Your thought on my thought?


  1. While the first part may be true,the second part is not always true.Success may be a fact but deserving part is suspect.Success is the outcome of a combination of fortuitous circumstances where merit may or may not be present in many cases.But by and large success is deserved

  2. Thank you, Parthasarathi sir, for contributing your view. Hope you are doing well.

  3. My corollary... success may or may not be rewarded, failure always has consequences.

  4. hmm.. my thought is that your thought is not a small thought as the title indicates.

  5. May another massive meteor strike you with a thought that "Its been very long since you wrote something new in RCGB"......;)