Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The importance of being intolerant

Ten years have passed since that sunny, temperate morning in Milwaukee. Seems like another lifetime. I revisited it last night by writing about my post-9/11 experiences in America. You'll find it here.

I find that I've gained a broader outlook on the event and its repurcussions.


  1. That is a brilliant article written in your inimitable style.The meassage you wished to convey is loud and clear.
    I liked these two lines that amplify what you wish to tell.
    " We’ve lost the imagination and sensitivity to liken a terror attack to a rape"
    "Most of all, the American public can teach us that history must act as a compass, not a millstone."

  2. Yes, I agree with your opinion on the importance of being intolerant.I can relate to this because we happened visit the place where the twin tower was after about an year of the incident..and to this day I can not express what my feeling was,its depth of mixed feelings of sadness anger and what thinking back I feel, if human creature is tolerant towards such inhuman acts, it would be the greatest manufacturing defects much greater than the humanly manufactured madmen, from the so called creater of the human race.If such a huge inhumane act is tolerated, its built over time, has to be from the basic defective way of thought and actions in the daily living! That's alerting enough for me..history needs to be compass,this pointer is the purest message .
    If not the whole world you have self expressed your intolerance with this incredible article.:) Thankyou Eshwar