Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The meaning of zameen

It's a question that haunts me. What does land mean to us? Can we not form a more sustainable relationship with it? Also, who should be the primary stakeholders of a piece of land? You'll find the article here.

As the economy redefines land, mofussil India has been transformed beyond recognition. Some might say it benefited. Others argue that it has lost its soul. I suppose the cost-benefit analysis will throw up mixed responses.
Meanwhile, the "meaning of zameen" must be determined urgently. Just can't move along like this, can we?

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  1. A very impressive article on the meaning of Zameen, and the horrors of land acquisitions...its so true that potable water will exhaust first..before we stand on each others heads :)..true we cannot move along like this, meaning is defined, what next? Rounding off to redefining our needs and wants....
    I am blown away at the way the thoughts are expressed in this article...what one can do for this?Does answer lies in this
    “Buy land; they’ve stopped making it.” – Mark Twain..Looks like he is favoring government and corporates...I wish he could bring more clarity to this...(I am angry and hating the way its going).Also surprised at the amount of clarity you have on this subject, considering you are the 3rd generation Mumbaikar..Thanks for this thought provoking article..