Friday, January 17, 2014

Positivity Weekly - Vol 8

Hello friends!
This volume of Positivity Weekly is going to be short and sweet. I don't have to compile and curate stories this time because the Huffington Post has done it for us!
Which means that the stories I had collected can be rolled over into the next week, giving us more goodie good goodies for later. I like that.

So here's the article that Huffington Post has called These 14 Unexpected Responses To Hatred Show That Humans Do Sometimes Get It Right
This article is an endearing collage of the Never-Say-Hate instinct that exists within each of us, even if it sometimes lies dormant. There is only one problem with an article like this: you'll be hard pressed to determine your favourite story. Seriously, every one of these 14 stories deserves our salute and gratitude.
But then, don't take my word for it. Be your own judge!

In conclusion

Now that you are feeling better about yourself and the world, let me wish you a wonderful week ahead. And please keep those stories coming.

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  1. Awesome.. So many overwhelming facts... Brilliant compilation... Kudos