Monday, January 6, 2014

The species 6 feet under

Are we the most sapient species on this planet? Don't we already know of one species that's smarter than us, the species that we mutate into when we die?
We burn/bury ourselves and become "them" - energy forms 6-feet under. They don't need negativity to fuel their dark worlds; nor do they await the arrival of a moment that will finally define them. They just are. And they watch us from their cozy vantage points. What do they do with their time? I mean, other than breathing nutrients into the soil that will host the food we will one day eat...

I think they are entertained by us. They tune into our thought frequencies and spill our secrets to each other.
'The one I was married to is planning a facelift,' says one of them. 'Apparently, it's time to relive the trauma of intense expectations! The next five years are going to be a roller-coaster of fun.'
'Get this,' another says, 'The one I gave birth to is anxious about inflation and increments. Oh joy! Humans who think they are going to live forever are such bundles of joy. For us, I mean.'
A third quips in:
'The one who was my enemy is still fuming over my obnoxious personality! Somebody better save the adjacent plot for him. He's set to harvest a sixth crop of cancer cells this winter.'

In my imagination, when everything is taken away, what remains is the pure unadulterated joy of Accepted Reality.


  1. If only more people understand the subtelity of impermanence ; World would be much generous place to live in... yet again beautifully written .. congrats

  2. What a lovely piece of art this writing is this! The cloud of permanence is blown with subtle humor and establishing the permanence of impermanence! I guess I would remember,quote and share it on my FB S6FU aswell. :).This is really nice and memorable for me.Thanks

  3. Pure unadulterated joy of accepted reality....why cannot it happen 6 foot straight?may be some can attain it...and that might be a relief?...just a thought....:)