Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Great Indian Gender Equality Quiz

The Great Indian Gender Equality Quiz.

A cutting-edge look at gender and how it shapes Indian society.
An opportunity to observe ground realities in gender.
A chance to surprise and be surprised.

Stoked by the desire to unlearn, learn and re-learn.
Motivated by the thought that generalized "truths" are seldom true.

Watch this space for more.
Coming soon.
Very soon.
The Great Indian Gender Equality Quiz.


  1. Sorry, my friend. Haven't gotten around to it. I hope to revive this project soon. But then, let me not make another promise that I might break.

  2. Watching and waiting...I guess this topic gives way to new dimensions as soon as it is a virus that mutates...well, the last latest version would do aswell...please do post it Eshwar :)

    1. My blog sometimes becomes the coffin of ideas that don't get my time, Sowmya. The Arjuna diaries and this project are two examples.
      Sorry for the wait. I hope to revive this someday soon.

  3. Struggles could be any ones...either Arjuna's or anyone the end of it all it could be about the purpose of the souls..and do souls have gender??....anyway ideas are buried as you say...they are seeds one never know when they spring write very well Eshwar....I find it worth the wait for your articles.....quit the apologies please...thankyou...:)