Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Letting go...

Having to take a class on Interpersonal Skills makes one ponder deeply about one's one successes and failures in this area. Sometimes, epiphany follows. One such epiphany I derived was the wisdom of letting go of toxic relationships.
I define these as relationships that satisfy the following criteria:
1) They are set on a bed of lies - one or both people in it are being untruthful in order to sustain the relationship
2) They are a source of negativity - one or both people in the relationship suffer consequences that far surpass perceived or real benefits of being in it; greed, silent rage, envy, misery, malice etc can together or in isolation lead to this negativity.

Even if a relationship satisfies both criteria, it doesn't automatically mean that one or both people in the relationship are evil. It just means that one or both of them are trapped in a quagmire of destructive thoughts. And exiting the relationship will give one, or both, the option to find a better reality. I state this assuming that you've already made your best attempts to address the relationship while staying within it.
And lest there's any confusion: I don't mean just the romantic relationship. These thoughts apply to every kind of relationship.

This video, which at first glance sounds militant, encouraged me to post on my blog after a long absence. I hope you are faring well, wherever you are, and that you are free from toxins in all your relationships.


  1. Absolutely...that's right...Thanks Eshwar...:)

  2. Probably only a few lucky two attain or are blessed with beautiful intrapersonal relationship which is the key to much beautiful interpersonal relationship....this article unfolds deeper meaning in me now..Thankyou Eshwar....:)